Author news: Hana (A Delirium Story) by Lauren Oliver!

Are you a Lauren Oliver fan?
Well, then listen up! Hodder & Stoughton, Lauren Oliver's publishers have an amazing Christmas treat!

Whilst you're eagerly awaiting its sequel, Pandemonium, out in March, you can read Lauren's amazing short story, Hana. It's told from the point of view of Lena's best friend (who, you might have guessed, has some secrets of her own…) There's a shocking twist to her tale that will leave you with your heart in your mouth. The short story is out exclusively in eBook this Christmas - it's available to buy for just 99p for a limited time only over the festive season.

Now, we know you'll be desperate to order it immediately, but we have a favour to ask you. We'd love to give Lauren the best Christmas present ever: seeing Hana at number one in the eBook charts on Christmas Day.
 Merry Christmas - Lauren Oliver - Hodder & Stoughton<
Will you help us get it there by joining in on one big Christmas Eve push? If we all buy it on the 24th December, that will propel it up the charts into (hopefully!) the top spot.

SO. Lets all support Lauren Oliver. Buy Hana and hopefully it number one on the eBook charts!Happy holidays! :)


  1. I have to ask... where can I get it the 24th?! I need to know!!! :D
    I'll be checking for your answer^^

    Happy holidays!!!

  2. @Alaiel Kreuz It's fine! Hana is available for download on Amazon. Buy it :)

  3. This was a great, quick read to go along with Delirium and Pandemonium. It really got you into Hana's head and helped you understand her character. Do I agree with all her choices? Of course not, but I can see how the pain of being used and jealousy led her to think she did the right thing. It may have made my respect for her character lessen, but I definitely do not hate her character. I just think she has been through things that have hurt her, is a confused teenage girl who just had trouble differentiating between right amd wrong, and who was having trouble adjusting to change in her life. She acted as many teenage girls would under conflicting pressures from society's standards and personal morals. I hope there will be another novella about what happened to Hana during the events of Pandemonium.


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