Top Ten Books I Think Everyone Has Read But Me

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week bloggers all over the blogosphere create a top ten list based on that week's theme. This weeks theme is Top Ten Books you think everyone has read but yourself. And seriously, my list can just go on forever!

Gallager Girls series by Ally Carter
I've been wanting to read this series for ages now but I haven't had a chance to pick it up. It definitely sounds like a book I would love so I really need to read these!

Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison
I've heard about this series a lot. I've watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and LOVED so I pretty much need to get going.

Any book by Sarah Dessen
I am serious! I haven't read not even one book by Sarah Dessen and I really really think I should seeing as so many people are just buzzing about them!

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
Yet another series I got to read. I don't know what's it about but I do know it's very popular. I so gotta read them.

House of Night by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast
I did actually attempt to read this series. I got to about half way of book one and just couldn't read any more. I should really give the books another go though!

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard
I'm watching the TV series of PPL and I LOVE them. They're so good. I've always been meaning to read the books but I thought I'll give it a pass as I'm watching the episodes anyway. Though, I want to read them and find out who A is!

Beastly by Alex Finn
I've watched Beastly. I really liked it so I'm sure I would feel the same way about the book!

Tigers Saga by Colleen Houck
The covers? Nope. I don't like them one bit. Okay so you're right. I'm a judge a book buy it's cover but a love story about tigers? COME ON. BUT, I've read so many great reviews on them that I just will need to give it ago!

Paranormalcy and Supernaturally by Kristen White
I still didn't get around to reading them and I really want to as well. So many books, so little time!

Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr
uRGhh. Everyone so has read this. I feel like I really should. But the series seems to go on forever... Still. I gotto give em a try.


  1. The Georgia Nicolson books are SOO GOOD. They are laugh out loud in the middle of a crowded subway good.

  2. Hmm... I liked the book Beastly, but thought the movie was a little ridiculous..... so I'm not sure if I should suggest reading it or not! But that is the only book from your list I have read!

  3. Haha I've only read the Pretty Little Liars from this list. It's a really fun series that will make you gasp from all of the scandal and craziness!

  4. Ha ... I haven't read any of those books either :-D ! "Uglies" is pretty much on top of my TBR pile next to my bed though ...

  5. Georgia Nicholson is HILARIOUS!!!
    I enjoyed the House of Night Series
    Beastly is a great book, haven't seen the film yet, but think they ruined it.
    Wicked Lovely book 1 is great, but I felt let down after that.

    The rest I haven't read either. Sarah Dessen is on my list, so is the Uglies series and Gallager Girls. One day I will get round to them

  6. I *loved* Paranormalcy but haven't read most of your others. I guess I read half of "Uglies," but it didn't love up to the hype, so I moved on... Oh wait, I did read "Beastly," because I wanted to compare the movie to the book in my review. It was underwhelming.

  7. You're not alone. I have not read a single one of these. But now I have to add more to my TBR list :-)

  8. You MUST read Gallagher Girls! They're amazing! And so are the PLL books, and they're actually pretty different from the TV programme I find! I'm with you on the Georgia Nicholson series... Glad to hear I'm not the only female in the universe who hasn't read them1

  9. You absolutely need to read a Sarah Dessen book! Especially The Truth About Forever, that one is wonderful :)

    Awesome list!

  10. haha you and I missed the boat on the exact same books!

  11. I haven't read most these books, But I have read the first 4 in the PLL series and I LOVE the TV show, but they are very different from each other!

  12. I've read Beastly, Paranormalcy & Uglies & loved them all :)

  13. I hadn't read a Dessen book till this summer. They are worth it.

    Top Ten

  14. I really like the Gallagher Girl series. They're really cute and fun. I've read the Uglies series and the first two PLL books; you're not missing out on much, ahah. And I'm so surprised at how many people haven't read any Dessen books! They're all fantastic. I recommend The Truth About Forever; it's my favorite. :)

    My Top Ten :)

  15. You MUST read the Uglies series. So good! I love Scott Westerfeld!

  16. Read the Tiger series, the covers are SO unattractive ( trust me I mentioned it in my reviews) but they're one of my faves of the year!

    I'm not a big fan of Sarah Dessen but if you are going to read anything by her, read The Truth About Forever! I didn't like Uglies!

    Wicked Lovely and Paranormalcy is good too!
    Love the Gallagher Girls and Pretty Little Liars!

  17. The only one on here I've read is Beastly, but quite a few of these are on my to-read list. I did enjoy Beastly, had some great things in it, but the ending disappointed me.

  18. Uglies is a YA dystopian series where normal girls get turned into 'Pretties' once they're 16. It's something I need to re-read as I have 3 books but only read 1 - a long time ago.

    I've read 3 Sarah Dessen books and came to the conclusion that she's just not for me!

  19. Okay, you really really need to go to your library asap and pick up the very first Sarah Dessen book ASAP. I'm serious, they are all so awesome!

    Oh and probably best if you just cross Beastly off your wishlist, that book is shockingly bad, I wouldn't even bother. Although I do want to catch the movie in the next couple months :)


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