The Unfortunate Becoming of Gripped into Books AKA Goodbye :(

If you guys haven't realised already, my posts have become pretty infrequent.  So, as you guys can tell by the title of this post, I'm leaving. And this time it's not for a couple of months... it's for good. Arghhh! You don't understand how much I'm saddened by the thought of not blogging anymore.

You know, I didn't actually think that this day would come. I've always though of this as one of the things that I would continue doing, like forever! It's just that two things got in the way. Firstly, a little thing called life. I've got SO much going on right now that I'm finding it difficult to prioritise everything. Blogging and reading is something which simply takes too much of my time. That's what it's partly down to, time. I don't have time to do this anymore...

Oh and how can I forget my other main reason which I never ever thought I'll would say in the history of time. Trust me when I say this one is a right humdinger! So, this is what it had all come down to...  I've gotten bored of reading. No, really. I'm serious. I can't believe I'm saying this either.

Basically, from February, March time my reading intake started to gradually decrease as I had exams in May so I really devoted most of my time to that. Eventually, there came a time where I didn't read for weeks. I was so immersed in studying (I actually even enjoyed it) that when I picked up a book to read one day, the appeal wasn't there. My lack of interest was so immense that I preferred to pick up one of my study books than to read. Even my favourite books- Anna and the French Kiss, Harry Potter, Vampire Academy did not do the trick! Nothing.

I'm not going to delete my blog though. I've put in a lot of work, time and dedication. Even though Gripped into Books isn't something I can do right now, I'm hoping that in some time, I'll come back to it and carry on doing something that I once loved.

One more thing. I'd also like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you to my followers and readers. Thank you for following this blog. Thank you for making me smile by reading my posts, by taking the time to comment, and by simply supporting this blog. I cannot thank you guys enough. I've made so many friends, met so many great people and boy has it been one heck of an adventure.

I'm really going to miss the blogosphere...
And of course, I'm really going to miss blogging :'(


  1. Wow, I can't believe you're leaving... I've really enjoyed following your blog and it'll definitely be a shame to see you leave... Is there definitely no chance that you'll come back?

  2. Aww... We're so sorry to see you close down the blog. BUT we totally understand, because Real Life trumps Internet, every time.

    Nothing is forever, though, so don't think that you can't come back sometime, or that you'll never enjoy reading again. A lot of us went through that phase of feeling overwhelmed by life/school and having to put reading aside because it wasn't fun anymore. But we've all come back to books and reading -- that's the great thing: they're always there waiting for readers who are ready. :)

    Anyway, good luck with everything! It's been great reading your blog and getting to know you a bit.

  3. Sorry you're leaving. Sometimes you just need to step away. I think your love of reading will come back though. I went through the same, while I was studying at uni I barely read anything and I didn't want to either. I didn't have the drive to read. But a year or so after graduated I started reading again and right now I love it.

    Good luck with everything!

  4. That's so sad! I can't imagine ever being bored of reading, at least not for more than a day. We'll miss you, but just don't delete this, and maybe you'll come back!!

  5. sad to hear that you are leaving. i think you should leave the blog up for now and you never know, you might want to come back to it someday.

  6. this is one heck of a goodbye. hopefully you come by eventually.

  7. It always amazes me how bloggers find time to blog and I never blame them when they can't do it anymore. I hope you do find a book to get you out of your slump. I remember when I got bored of reading but I did get back into it full swing. I will miss your posts but I understand you gotta do what you gotta do.

  8. So sorry to hear you won't be blogging anymore. Will still keep your blog in my feed just in case you decide to return. :) Will miss you.

  9. Don't want you to leave but i understand, Maybe you should leave it up and see if someone can help you run it. I would really like to help you but i don't know how. I have always wanted to start one but i don't know if i can. I got burned out in school many years ago and read other books alot then went bad to more school books that was not even in my studies. Then i switched again back to my stories. Just take a break a long one. I will follow you in your other twitter to keep in touch. Love you Joannie jscddmj [at] aol [dot] com my twitter is joannie1956

  10. Sorry to hear you go, but it has been a great experience!! I shall always drop by your blog just to stare and remember the posts,hehehe. All the best to you!

  11. I have enjoyed your posts. Its sad to lose a fellow blogger. Take care of your self. And enjoy life.
    PS i am in a blah with books too even my favorites


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