OMG, Have I actually found some downsides to ARCs?

Lets talk about Advanced Readers Copies :)
Okay, you guys are probably thinking 'what on earth is Mia on about?' How can there possibly be a downside to reading ARC's, right? Am I in the right state of mind? Yes, I am feeling perfectly fine and I am going to answer all those questions. We bloggers adore, love and cherish every.single. ARC we acquire and frickin have a little happy dance every time we get one but hey I am a very picky person. Apparently, this is where pickiness gets me- some good ol' PRO's and CON's list making.

PRO #1
You get to read the book before it's released. Yaaaaaayy. Sometimes, it's even month's before the release date so then you have some time to write your review. How lucky are we!? Especially, if your to-review pile is just really massive like mine, you'll need all the time you can get!

CON #1
If that particular ARC is in a book series and you really really enjoyed reading it, then you will then have to wait an age to read the next book. Consequently, also causing book-amnesia is the process. So by the time you gets to the next book, you're there forgetting all the deets in the book! Whaaaaaaaat a bummer!
PRO #2
You get to read the book way before everyone else. What a great perk! Basically, you get to brag a lot. (' Hey, no not that I brag. =P) That is where you're on Twitter or Facebook or whatever gushing about how... 'Yup I have got an Advanced Reading Copy of that book. So Yeah. Haha!

CON #2
But wait! There's something else. What? It's seems that I'm not the only one getting an ARC of that book! jshfksdn
 Person 1: Whaaaattt? Are you serious? There are others?
 Person 2: You're not that special now huh!

PRO #3
You get to see how the book looks in print. Yayyy us. You can put it on your bookshelf and just admire it. And be staring at your ARC. Hmmmmmm. What a wonderful feeling :)

CON #3
Some ARCs look horrendous! Okay that may be an exaggeration, but seeing as though it's not the actual copy, publishers don't bother with the design. I for one, cannot have an ARC on my bookshelf. It's just not as good as a final copy.

PRO #4
Myself personally, I get quite a few page views on my ARC reviews. It comforting to know people are actually reading you review. How nice!
CON #4
Then, the release date of the ARC is approaching. I'm happy happy writing my review getting it all ready. Then I post my review. I feel so happy! But wait. An hour as passed. A few hours. A day. I'm getting no comments! Whats going on??? Oh. Not many people have read it so they feel they have nothing to say. Argh!

I admit! This was just for a little bit of fun. I just wanted to see how many CONs I can actually think of. But as you can see I was completely unsuccessful as with the very small number of 4 petty downsides. And in relation to the PROs, you and I both know there are waaaaayy more than 4. So, it just shows that there aren't many CON's... or are there?
Share your thoughts in the comments :D


  1. Great post.
    One con I can think of is I sometimes only get sequels of books I haven't read before so can't read it without purchasing the 1st in the series :(

  2. I love ARC's but there are some cons to it! Another is that your non-blogger friends haven't read it so you can't freak out about it with anyone else! Great list though :)
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  3. Another con: ARCs sometimes miss a TON of stuff that are in the finished copies. There are a few that I've read that are missing crucial chapters! It's not just one or two here and there, but one of them was missing 5 chapters in a row. I just had to guess what happened within the pages that were left out. :P

  4. CON: When you get an ARC, usually you have to read it and review it by a certain date. This is a psychological thing with me, but I find that when books have deadlines they're not as fun and I'm less likely to start it until I have to. That's just one thing I don't like about receiving ARCs, which is why I don't usually request them unless it's part of a series I know I won't second guess starting :)

  5. You missed one - posting your review on that release day and getting no comments and barely any views. Why? Because they've seen so many other reviews of THAT book that they just skim over it.


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