Pretty Twisted by Gina Baxill

Pretty Twisted
by Gina Baxill

Pages: 275
Release Date: May 6th 2011
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
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Ros has a secret crush on Jonathan. Jonathan is massively hung up on Freya (even after she dumps him). And Freya? Well, Freya is a beautiful enigma. Even more so when she goes missing without a trace..."Pretty Twisted" is narrated in alternating chapters by Jonathan (16) and Ros (14) who meet online at a time when things are going sour for Jonathan. His stunning girlfriend, Freya, is away at college and they are growing apart - consequently, he is struggling with his own sense of identity. Ros is also experiencing some problems - one of her friends is dating an older man whose strange behaviour gives Ros cause for concern. Meanwhile, the local news has been reporting some kidnappings of teenage girls. So when Freya dumps Jonathan, then seems to disappear off the face of the earth, he enlists Ros' (somewhat reluctant) help in tracking down the girl he still loves. With danger lurking around every corner, their stories become inextricably linked in a way nobody could have predicted...

My Thoughts
I knew that I'll really like Pretty Twisted as soon I read the synopsis. It says it all. A girl goes missing and no one knows a thing about it. And so people go and try and find her. It' a mystery sort of book. Mysteries I love.

Pretty Twisted is divided between a girl, Ros and a guy, Jono. I loved Jono instantly. One reason? His geekyness! He's so cute and that his girlfriend, well ex-girlfriend, Freya transformed him. I was more than glad. He really sounded hot and sophisticated too. Ros is like one of those typical teenagers. She struggles through her friendships and than confides in another through the Internet on MyPlace- Jono.

Jono and Ros have their share of problems. I love how they confide in each other and how they be for one another. Especially, when Freya goes missing they both play a key role in getting her back. Though, even though Freya was a central part of the plot, I don't think we got to see much of her character.

Nevertheless, I really really loved this book. One tiny thing though, I'm not a big fan of the way things ended with Jono and Ros. Why couldn't- ...nope I'm not giving anything away. I'm sure it's pretty obvious though!Pretty Twisted is a hell of a book. Fast paced, engaging and pretty unpredictable, I found this to be a truly gripping read.


  1. HI mia This sounds so interesting. I also loved the synopsis there. You made it sounds so good I want to have a copy as well. :) fantastic review.
    Care to check out my latest Post? thank you


  2. I saw this in my library Guess I should give it a try!

    Young Readers

  3. Ooh, I love the sound of this one, it sounds like it has a great element of mystery in it! Glad you enjoyed it, I hope I can read it soon!

  4. I agree with your thoughts on Pretty Twisted. It was a great book, great read, and I agree with the ending. Though I don't know how you wished it could have ended, I know I would have loved for it to have ended differently!

  5. See, I'm tempted by this but now I know that the ending is disappointing I'm not sure it'll be worth it! Can anyone convince me otherwise?

  6. this one definitely sounds like my kinda book, Its on my wishlist but I think I might try and get it from the library just in case I dont like the ending too

  7. I'm getting this one sent to me from the publishers to review, it sounds really good! Can't wait to get stuck into it!


  8. Oh sounds interesting, mysterious :)

  9. This doesn't seem like the type of book I would normally read, but your description makes it sound like one I wouldn't be able to put it down. I just was introduced to your blog recently and will have to start reading more of your reviews!

  10. This is a new to me book and author. Great review.

  11. I really enjoyed this too! More so the relationship between Jonno and Ros and rather than the crime aspect, but I do hope more YA mystery/crime emerges.

  12. I have never heard of this book, but it sounds like a fun read. Thanks for the great review and book suggestion.

    - Beckie

  13. Awweee! I love geeky love interests! I have a shirt that says I <3 Nerds!!! lol I've never heard of this book but it definitely sounds interesting! I love mysteries too!

  14. Looks like a fun read! Can tell I'll like the main character already :)


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