A Need for Book News (5)

A Need for Book News is a weekly feature I thought of doing displaying recent book related news that have been announed during the week! For previous Book News posts, click here.
Take a look at all the awesome bookish things! :D

Perception by Kim Harrington
This is A Clarity novel, I havn't gotten a chance to read it but is very high on my TBR list. I love the cover, it may not be in with Clarity but it has the same kind of grace and well clarity.
A Million Suns by Beth Revis
I have read Across the Universe, I really looooved it and I just cannot wait to read this one too. Just look at that cover! I was awed by... it is really nice!
The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead
WOW. I am a majoy VA fan and when I saw this I instantly fellin love with it! Come one! It so goes with Bloodlines and all that yellow and gold really stands out!
Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
Another beautiful cover. It lives up to Deliruim definetly. I cannot wait to read this one either, seeing as Delirium was definetly gripping!

Can you guess what happened? Yep, the UK publishers decided the change the cover of Bloodlines to fit in with US ones. They're not exactly same, there is a bit of a differnce. Anyways, what can I say! I am so relieved. I really did not like the other cover at at all. I was going to buy the US book after knowing how the UK one looked. It wasn't all bad, but I'm just head over heels about the US one! I'm so so happy ;D


OMG! HARRY POTTER! Yes, I do realise everyone knows that this is the final movie to be made in the series and it just been released but I just have to rave about it! Other than re-reading the books and re-watching the movie, what are we going to do! Well, there is Pottermore but that's in a couple of months. Are you feeling what I'm feeling right now?



Awesome news this week! Right?


  1. I'm so happy they changed the cover for Bloodlines too! I'm not overly fond of the US one either, but it's much better than the previous UK one that was going to be released.

  2. I love the covers for A Million Suns and Pandemonium. I cannot wait for both of those to be released.
    And the Golden Lily cover is pretty awesome too. The color is really pretty.

  3. Saw Harry Potter this weekend and really enjoyed it. Hope you do too.

  4. I just LOVED Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2! I'm watching it again today :D The only bad thing is that I hate 3D movies and the 2D version is only available dubbed here in my city, and I don't like dubbed movies! Nothing is perfect, right?
    Oh, and I love yr blog :D


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