First sentence. First paragraph. First Chapter. Does is it matter?

Discussion time!
We always read books we love all the time and so it is inevitable to come across some we don't like too. But how can we determine whether a book is worth reading. After glaring at the cover, re-reading the synopsis we finally get inside the book.

Now we come to the main part. To the first sentence, first paragraph and then to the first chapter. If these elements are not good enough does it affect your views on the book? Do you continue reading? If the first few things are not up to scratch what are your thoughts?

does it not matter. Do you continue reading and wait for the book to get gradually better. I know I do. I don't like leaving books unfinished I read a little bit more and then see where it goes. If then still don't like the book I completely don't read it as then it's just a waste of time trying to make yourself like the book when you simply know you would not.

What about when you're reading a book in series? You've read a few books to that series and then your are at one of the books that you just don't like. You've started reading the it and it's not getting to you. Will you continue the series? I know that if it's any series at all I will continue it and just see how it all ends.

Anyways, First sentence. First paragraph. First Chapter. Does is it matter?
What are your thoughts?


  1. I keep reading if I don't like the first chapter because the book is probably going to get just better, not worse. It happened recently, and the book turned out sooo great! On the other hand, one book was a total failure and I flipped to the end just to see if things would resolve, but they didn't. Awful.


  2. I give the book a few chapters, if I havn't got into it by the time I am about 3 chapters in then I wont continue to read and I end up giving the book away to friends.

  3. I agree with you, I usually try and finish the book and keep reading if I don't seem interested at first. But I do think first impressions count, as it catches the readers/publishers attention. :)

  4. History has taught me to always keep reading, even if after the first chapter I feel like there's no way I'm going to enjoy this book. I remember hating my now favourite book at first, I thought it was the dullest thing I have ever read, but I'm so glad I kept reading, because it turned out to be the best book ever!

  5. I always keep reading because I would hate to give up on a book to early and miss out on a great story. That being said if it gets to the middle chapters and the pace is still slow or boring, I dread the end and just suck it up for the rest but I know I'll be writing a negative/constructive review.

  6. Things are a lot different for me now that I'm a book blogger. I generally always finish a book even if it is absolutely terrible now because I feel like I have to read the whole thing to be able to review the book honestly. Before I started reviewing though, there was no set point when I would stop reading. If I was reading it, and just couldn't handle it anymore I would stop. Have things changed for you, Mia, since you're a book blogger now or is it the same as before you started reviewing?


  7. I tend to slug it out until the very end, but find that I can usually tell if a book's going to rub me the wrong way when it comes to the dialogue. Character interaction often makes or breaks a book for me.

  8. I usually give a book 100 pages to grab me, and very often will continue on to the end no matter what as I don't like giving up.
    I don't think the beginning is the most important thing, but It's always better if a book grabs you from the beginning.

  9. I have never been able to not finish reading a book. I may ask myself, "Why did I put up with that?" when I am done, but it just bugs me to have incomplete stories floating around in my head.

  10. I think it always matter as whether you know it or not you will always make a quick judgement on the first few lines even.
    But sometimes it matters more than others.
    I think in the library is when things like this matter more than others and also in bookstores but if l get a book for review or know a book is well loved it doesn't matter as much.

  11. I've very rarely given up on a book. I can't think of many besides Eragon that I have in the last couple years. I'll usually stick it out and then review it with all the reasons I loathed it.


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