Book Trailers! Yay or Nay?

With the release of books, alongside book trailers have been made. Book trailers are just like any other trailers, giving a glimpse of the world inside and what you're missing. Book trailers are becoming more and more popular but is this a good thing or a bad thing?

I personally love book trailers. I mean they really capture what's going on in the book. Say if you've read the book that you're just having a peak at the trailer to see just how it is and if the characters are to you're liking. It's great when your imagination is formed in front of you, not forgetting the atmosphere and how everything else is.

But let's see if we haven't read the book of the book trailer and just stumble upon it which is the main purpose watching a trailer before you read the actual book. Just like when want to watch a movie, you watch the trailer then watch the movie. Anyhow, after watching a book trailer does it make you read the book? For me, I'll say rarely.

One book trailer that really did get to me however was The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han. I LOVED that trailer. I don't know exactly what it was about it that truly struck out for me, possibly the writing style but after watching it I really wanted to read the book. So obviously, I then did and I did enjoy reading it alot but it wasn't those WOW type of books.

Though, one thing I can say with utmost certainty is that after watching a book trailer I never actually bought a book because of it. Never. I'm serious. In a way I don't think many book trailers actually capture the book. Hey, am not saying I don't like them. They can be good to watch and all, but I'm not 'feeling' it. With some of them at lest. Well that's just me anyways.

But what do you think of book trailers? Yay or Nay? Feel free to disagree and let me know your thoughts!


  1. trailers r good if there done well
    and when i'm irking to read a book/a good trailer coupple of times / made it worse and i really long to read it
    example ; eve by anna carey

  2. To be honest, trailers rarely do it for us. We'd rather read the back cover summary. Just like we'd rather see a trailer for a movie than read a summary of it?

    BUT there have been a couple really awesome trailers. Like "Legend" by Marie Lu and "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" by Ransom Riggs.

  3. I personally do not care about books trailers. It does well in promoting movies, but movies and books are two different things. What works in movies, may not work well in books.

    I do see movie trailers to see a dramatic scene, the casts, or something like that. I mean, what can a book trailer do?

  4. I agree with roro! Sometimes book trailers can be a bit cheesy and most of the ones that I've seen have been a bit cheesy. I think that if they're just done well then it'll make the book more appealing to others :D


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