OMG. The Hunger Games Trailer!!!

Oh My God! THE FRICKIN HUNGER GAMES TARILER! Ahhh, I'm a loss for words! I'm sure you guys watched it already. I've watched it so so many times but obviously I simply HAD to post it, it's The Hunger Games we're talking about people! And of course, for those individuals that haven't watched it...
What in the world are you waiting for!
Here's the trailer! Watch it NOW. :D

Soooooo. I obviously LOVE LOVE LOVE the trailer. EPIC stuff. Just like the books. I love the way everything's played out especially all the action. Katniss's costume for the games wasn't too bad either. And did you see Gale and Peeta! Ahh hot hot hot. (NOTE: I am Teem Peeta. Forever and Always :P)YES YES! It was everything I imagined and hoped for... now I'm just dying to watch the movie. Seriously, can it take any longer?

What did you guys think? Frickin awesomeness or what!?


  1. There are no words. We've watched it like once or twice every hour since it premiered this morning. If the movie is this good, it might actually kill us.

  2. YES I HAVE WATCHED THIS SO MANY TIMES. I LOVE it! I hated the music in the other videos Lionsgate did, but here it was SO beautiful and though Katniss's fire costume didn't quite seem as fierce as I thought it would be, everything else rocks! And Peeta & Gale look better than I thought they would too! meep, so, so much love for this!

  3. That was incredible. I recently bought the book The Hunger Games to see what the buzz was about and now I will definitely have to move it up the TRB list LOL Thanks for sharing today.

  4. I hadn't seen it before, so thanks for posting! =)


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