The Repossession by Sam Hawksmoor

The Repossession
by Sam Hawksmoor

Pages: 499
Release Date: March 1st 2012
Publisher: Hodder
Source: For Review from Publishers

34 kids missing. Vanished without a trace.
Believing she is possessed, Genie Magee's mother has imprisoned her all summer encouraged by the sinister Reverend Schneider. Beautiful Rian, love of her life, sets her free, and their escape washes them up at Marshall's remote farmhouse downriver. But why are there newspaper clippings of the missing kids pinned to Marshall's bathroom wall? And should they believe his stories about the experiments at the Fortress, an underground research station nearby?
Genie meets Denis. Missing two years now, but hasn't grown an inch. Rian is haunted by Renée, who insists she's not actually dead. Soon they discover the terrible truth about Reverend Schneider and worse, Genie is next ... and Rian can't do a thing to prevent it. The Repossession is just the beginning

My Thoughts
Ahhh. OMG. I'm sqealing on the cover! It's so pretty right? Yes, that's kinda the reason I picked up but let's just put that to the side and talk about the book! The Repossession was indeed a very thrilling and enjoyable book I must say.

Reasons why?

1. Spoooooooookyy or what dude!I have to say that was one element that truely drew me in! Just read that synopsis will you. It definetly got me intruiguied and led me to read on page after page after page!

2. Genie and Rian
These two are just dead on cute. Seriously, amongst all this weridness going on and everything that they're going through, the cutest doesn't go anywhere, I tell you... It remains. Thankfully as well! I love all their moments. LOL you got me. It's cute ;D

3. Who, What, When, Why, How???
I can assure you that you'll not only be questioning what on earth is going to happen next whilst you read this book, but these questions will constantly haunt your mind. Gotta love the element of surprise. Hawksmoor definetly has this going on all the way through the book. Hmmmm, what a plot!

4. The Ending
No I am not going to tell you exactly what it was. I'm not going give away any spoilers though at least you'll be glad to know the ending is one of which adds to the list of why I liked The Repossession.

Enough of this list making.
Just go read it for heavens sake!

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  1. Oh I haven't heard of this book yet. I'm so lost by the blurb that I'm can tell the book will be just as confusing(in a good way). Looks like a fun read though! Will have to check it out.


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