Apparently, I am TOO OLD to read YA?

For those of you that know me, and know my age also are aware of the fact how I am certainly NOT OLD. Get this, I still have the suffix teen attached to my age though under the eyes of the law I am classed as an adult but whateverr

So why am I obsessing over this predicament? 
Only because it was compared to with my young adult books at a certain conversation I had with my sister*. I was peacefully reading a book, enjoying the view until she decides to come and disrupt me with her useless thoughts
Me: (reading a book)
Sister: what you reading
Me: a book
Sister: yeah oh a teenag--
Sister: same thing
Sister: arn't you like too old
Me: (drops the book whilst ripping the page)

How can anyone say that? That is like the meanist thing ever not forgetting to mention the fact that a page of the book RIPPED. Like total ripp-age. My book RIPPED. My precious book RIPPED.
Okay I'm going to stop now.

But you get the whole who-ha right? The book ripping :P but that I'm too old to read YA. Who ever heard of such a thing? Of anyone being too old to read a particular book? I know that I'm not too old, I'm still a frickin teenager helllooooo but it just seemed so shocking that I had to post it and hey it also made me wonder...

I'm a teenager and I read young adult books. But even when adults read it, like proper adults read teenage books I also think its okay. Why not? These 'YA' books that we read are classed as YA to portray in what levels the content will range from and where the limits in certain things would be. Yes, it does also aim at certain audiences but it's not to say other older audiences cannot read these books.
I would really love to know what are your thoughts on this

 *It is best not to talk to siblings that abhor books about books
**this is mainly a message for my sister in the rare event that she does decide to check my blog


  1. Well if you're classified by the government as an adult I am definitely younger than you but I totally agree. I've read adult books (maybe like 2 but you get what I'm saying) that I loved. Just because they're labeled that doesn't mean that's who'll read them. I mean the most sold book in the world besides the Bible is Harry Potter. Originally meant to be for MIDDLE GRADE boys. And yet, WHO CARES??

  2. I'm not even a teen anymore at 22 years old. However I still love the genre and it is the majority of what I read in a given year. I love adult books as well and I own many adult reads but there is still something special about YA or even New Adult that I can't let go of.

    I say read what you what to read and be proud of it. I was reading erotica at age 16 and yet no one ever told me I wasn't old enough to read it so I don't see why people have a say in who is too old to read a book.

  3. I'm nowhere near a teen or young adult, and over the years I've found many books classified as YA that were better than some 'adult' books. I read what makes me happy, not what's classified for my age group! :)

  4. In the end I think it's just about what you like. There's such a stigma to YA, and I don't really understand why people feel the need to judge.

  5. My hubby and I are both WAY out of our teens, and yet he reads a lot of middle grade, and I read YA pretty exclusively. SO needless to say, we don't pay much attention to what books we are "suppose" to be reading because they are aimed at our age group. :)

  6. Well, I'm screwed then if you're too old because I'm WAY too old. There hasn't been a teen attached to my age in over a decade. In fact, I pass some of my dystopians along to my dad to read (which he enjoys). soooo... your sister's argument is kind of funny.

    Lukily, I teach middle school and host a YA book club with the high school kiddos. I totally use that as my excuse as why I read YA (and MG) books. No one questions that...

  7. I'm 24 now and still love to read YA. I have online friends (through blogs etc) that are 28, 36, 58, 61, etc and they still enjoy them too.
    I hate it when people judge you for what you are reading. I've found that a lot of YA books are actually better written than some of the stuff churned out for adults anyway. I see no problem with reading them at any age. No one should be judged on what they read.
    I have had the almost exact same conversation many a time though and I either ignore it or say, 'a good book is a good book no matter who it is 'aimed' at'.

    In fact, I work in a library and when I turned 18, a regular customer actually said to me "you're an adult now so you can move on and read 'proper' books!" I just gaped at him like a fish and then finally stuttered out a pathetic 'but i like these books'. I thought it was very rude. I now come back stronger if anyone questions me.

  8. This is always in issue that drives me crazy and something I have encountered on several occasions. First I believe YOUNG ADULT is a term that tech. ranges from your 13 to 29 therefore at 23 I still feel I fit into this category. Regardless, I don't get why age matters. Period. If that is what you enjoy, then read it!

  9. I am 40 years old. I got "back" into teen books when I went back to school to get my master's degree in library science. And now I read them almost constantly. There are so many YA books that are just better than "adult" books. Sometimes I like to read a story and not have to read a ton of extra stuff. I went back and read one of my favorite adult authors, Dean Koontz, the other day. And I actually had a bit of trouble getting through it. And normally his books were the ones I couldn't put down. If you're too old, then I'm sure I'm way tooooo old for these YA books. But I love reading them and talking about them with my students, so I refuse to quit as long as they keep writing and publishing them!

  10. I am 30 years old and I unabashedly love YA. I love reading the exciting action of the books without having to worry about blushing in the break room at work because I just happened to stumble upon a steamy sex scene. In all honesty, a lot of the characters in YA seem more mature than some adults I know.

  11. I am a lot older than you are, and I read YA as well. I think that I am allowed to read whatever kind of book I feel like reading, and nobody will ever convince me otherwise!

  12. I totally agree with you - most of the book bloggers out there, especially those that have been there for a few years (Mundie Moms and Once Upon a Twilight, for example) have older bloggers/readers. Yara, Sophie, and Katie all have families of their own, but they still read (and obsess over) YA novels. Books are pretty timeless, if they're well-written. There are children's books that I enjoy reading, and I just turned 18. Besides, there are also book bloggers out there who are fifteen, sixteen years old, but if they continue to blog, they'll probably keep the same reading level on the blog. Of course, they might expand, too, but I doubt that anyone with such a passion for reading could ever give it up, especially after blogging about it for a few years. So, those are my thoughts.

  13. Then I'm like a senior citizen reading YA lol I'm in my mid-40's!

    I got my mother-in-law reading YA too after she visited me for a week. She loves the genre now. A good story is a good story no matter who it's marketed towards.


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