Requiem by Lauren Oliver

Delirium #3
by Lauren Oliver

Pages: 400 pages
Release Date: March 21st 2013
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
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Battling against a society in which love has been declared a disease, Lena now finds herself at the center of a fierce revolution. But the Wilds are no longer the haven they once were as the government seeks to stamp out the rebels. And Lena's emotions are in turmoil following the dramatic return of someone she thought was lost forever... Told from the alternating viewpoints of Lena and her best friend Hana, Requiem brings the Delirium trilogy to an exhilarating end and showcases Lauren Oliver at the height of her writing powers - emotionally powerful and utterly enthralling
Warning: this review will contain some minor spoilers!

My Thoughts
Before I enlighten you with the depths of my thoughts regarding Requiem, let me tell you this. If you haven't read this series, frickin' pick it up buy it now! Guys!!! Lauren Oliver is AMAZING. Her writing is MAGICAL. This trilogy is PHENOMENAL.

Oh Requiem! It is different just like the other books Delirium and Pandemonium. This time, the chapters are told from the viewpoints of Lena and Hana. A great change! I particularly enjoyed reading Hana's chapter. I actually didn't think I would after her intentions being revealed in the short story novella Hana but at the end all was well. She made more discoveries and also lots of things associated with the cure so the action was much more entertaining to read.

Don't get me wrong, I loved reading Lena's chapters too. Lena, along with her companions on a mission with the invalids fighting for whats right. And, come on! I was itching to know what was going to happen in this love triangle.

Both the love interests I adore - Jullian and Alex. Though, my heart is set on Alex . Even though we see a different side to him in this book but you can tell he does still care about Lena. We see his yearn of protection. Awww  I am forever and will be Team Alex. I always tend to cheer on the guy that is introduced first! But he's so the better choice. Saying that there's this other girl that's set her eyes on Alex too. I know! Boo hoo, her names Coral and yes, I do not like her.

Ending? Would you even call that an ending? I was there like, hoooooold on what just happened? I'm talking in relation the love triangle. I have so many feelings! Cause Lauren Oliver does just what she does best, expect the unexpected and prepare to be left hanging! I don't care anyways cause I just have way too much love for this series! And now lets cry, cause now its come to an end!

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But hold on. It's the beginning of an end ;D
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