If I Were to Become a Writer

I'm sure readers, or more especially bloggers have thought of writing at least once. Writing a story, words that you can bring to life so that others can cherish. I have. I've thought about writing quite often throughout my blogging period. Especially whilst I am reading.
As its only when I read that I find sometimes, there are certain things that really stand out to me. These are the things, I 'd want to include If I were to be a writer one day, someday.

At first, I was thinking of making this a single post and list all the elements I would want to include in my kind of book. Though, the list got too long and then I found it was better doing separate posts. So I might probably make it a weekly thing so...
If I Were to Become a Writer...
I would want to write words with meaning. Words that a reader would hold close and remember. Words with depth. I would want to write like this...

My first inspiration.
To this date, I have only read a single book by John Green. Saying that the first book I did read The Fault in our Stars was enough to instantly mark all his books as complete must reads. And, it was in that particular book where I read this quote and it instantly held a place in my heart and was constantly at my minds edge. Beautiful, is it not? It's amazing. really amazing how John Green cleverly worded his thoughts with comparisons and feeling in the best way possible. I want to be able to write words as beautiful as this. And, there are many more passages in the book in which I also adored but none shone out like this one.

 What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever read a quote or even a passage which really struck out to you? Let me know of some of your favourites and why! Also, I would really appreciate to let me know if you would like this to be a regular feature, in the comments please!

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