Armchair BEA: The end

We have come to the end of Armchair BEA. This is my first year of blogging so this has been the first time of participating also. I'm really glad I did as the event has been most spectacular and very enjoyable.
What I loved the most was meeting other bloggers and not forgetting the #AirmchairBEA twitter conversation. It was pretty hard keeping up sometimes! Oh and you can follow us on Twitter @GrippingBooks
I wasn't able to participate everyday and yet I had a lot of fun.
Here are my posts for this week:
I would like to thank the panel at Armchair BEA for hosting this event and for taking the time with all the events and giveaways! Can't wait to take part next year, although I would rather go BEA :)


  1. The twitter parties were fantastic! Talk about speed reading :)

  2. I'm glad you got to participate in Armchair BEA. The Twitter party was pretty crazy but fun!


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