Armchair BEA: Nurturing Relationships

Today's topic at Armchair BEA is about nurturing relationships in the blogging community. It can be bloggers, publishers, authors etc. I've decided to choose publishers. Over these past 7 months of blogging I've come across a lot publishers. However there was some bumps and bruises along the way. So, I'm going to give you 5 tips on interaction with publishers, some things I've learnt along the way.

Always keep it professional...
So yeah you shouldn't use slang or text like 'dude'! No no not that I did but I nearly used some text like 'iab' meaning in a bit ...I don't know what happened to me then! You see this won't have a good impression. Be 'friendly' not trendy
No harassment...
If a publisher isn't replying to for quite a while don't keep bugging them! Because, that's what I did now I think they're a bit annoyed now lol BUT if you really like the publishers and you really want them to reply email them but on different email addresses to the same company as they may not be using the one you keep emailing them to :)

Patience is a virtue...
ever heard that saying? Yep I did, many many times. I remember that this one publishers said that they're going to send me some review copies, it was a week and I never got them so I got impatient. I emailed them again and I think there was a hint of annoyance in my email. OOPS. Don't ever do that! Be warned!

Make conversation...
When you do this the publishers know more about you and how you are as a person. By this, you make a great relatoonship with the publisher and it's can be useful as well. Lets say you're going to do a giveaway and you need some swag or books it is very very likely they'll give you some :D
NOTE: Don't just make converstion just bacause you need something. Not nice at all.
Always send your reviews in a timely manner even though they don't want a specific date. You shouldn't hold your reviews for more that a 2 weeks the latest as then the publishers will not send you many when they actually need the review by a certain date

I hope these tips helped! I was going to do 10 but then I thought y'all will get bored so I kept it short and simple! Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments and leave a link to your post too :D


  1. I loved this post! Thanks so much for all of the tips. I haven't contacted any publishers yet and I'm always wondering what to expect and it totally scares me silly! So thanks so much for all these pointers! ;)


  2. I wouldn't be opposed to ten tips. ;) And I loved this post! Seriously, I'm sitting here nodding my head. It's so important to be patient and to not harass them--although sometimes it can be tempting when there's a book that you're dying to get (at such times, I often sit on my hands). Great post! :D

  3. some great advice took a couple of things from this,


    The Book Mystress, xx

  4. Great tips! All these things are true - especially make conversation! I have a few that I talk back and forth it not just about what books I want.

  5. Thanks for these tips, they're really helpful!

  6. Great tips for a 1st year blogger! Thanks for posting this.

  7. Great tips, thank you! I'm new to the whole review copy thing (other than Netgalley). I've only gotten one and then one from a blog tour. But yeah, I would say the big thing overall is to stay professional. They're going to want a well thought out and professional-sounding review and if you can't portray that in your requests, then how are they able to expect that in your reviews! Makes sense to me. :)

    ~ Sarah ♥ I'm Loving Books

  8. Great tips! They'll be really handy if I ever get a publisher contant me! :)
    Thanks for the tips!


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