Waiting on Wednesday (20)

by Jenna Black
Pages: 336
Release Date: July 5th 2011
Publisher:  St. Martin's Griffin
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When Dana is invited to Faerie to be officially presented at the Seelie Court, it’s no easy decision. After all, everyone knows Titania, the Seelie Queen, wants her dead. But Titania claims not to be the one behind the death threats; and her son, Prince Henry, makes the decision a whole lot easier when he suggests Dana might be arrested for (supposedly) conspiring with her aunt Grace to usurp the Seelie throne. So she and her father better do as they're told…
The journey through Faerie is long – and treacherous. Dana thought it would be a good idea to have friends along, but her sort-of-boyfriend Ethan and her bodyguard’s son, Keane, just can’t seem to get along, and Kimber’s crush on Keane isn’t making things any easier. When a violent attack separates Dana from their caravan, the sexy Erlking saves her just in the nick of time… and makes it clear that he hasn’t given up on making her his own.
Arriving at Titania’s beautiful palace should be a relief. But Dana is soon implicated in an assassination attempt against Titania’s niece, and is suddenly a fugitive, forced to leave her father behind as she and her friends flee for her lives. Will she be able to prove her innocence before the forces of the Seelie Court catch up with her? Or, worse, the Erlking? And will she save her father before he pays the ultimate price in her stead?

What are you waiting for?
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  1. Well this blurb convinced me to read Shadowspell, which is still sitting in my TBR pile.

  2. I'm reading Glimmerglass right now and I love it so much! Definitely need to get a copy of Shadowspell soon.
    Great pick! :)

    (My WoW)

  3. I haven't read the first book in the series but I really want to !! I love faeries books, besides I've heard the story was set in Avalon, how awesome !

  4. This sounds really interesting!

  5. Isn't this like the third book in the series? I've not read any of them, but I want too!

  6. Ooh, haven't read Shadowspell yet, it sounds fab - I'll probably turn to the Fae during (our) summer in a few months. Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. This one sounds good!

    I am a new follower :)

    My WoW, http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.com

    Have a great day.


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