Author Interview: Elizabeth Loraine

Elizabeth Loraine

Elizabeth is currently writing a YA book series revolving around the life of vampires- The Royal Blood Chronicles.
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This interview is to celebrate the release of the newest book Cain, The Quest

Cain, The Quest by Elizabeth Loraine
Cain, the Quest is book four in the vampire series Royal Blood Chronicles. royal blooded vampires are fighting evil in both this world and the underworld kingdoms of Althar in order to protect all the peaceful races, including humans.

Book four follows Cain on his journey ot find himself and define his role in his hopes to become worthy enought to join those that are helping the Five Protectors in this fight. The sactuaries protecting the peaceful races are in grave danger! Join us.

Cain, the Quest is as exciting and intriguing as the first three books. Elizabeth Loraine has you turning pages as fast as you can to find out what lies ahead. If you like strong female lead characters, this is your series. Many series of this genre tire as they get to books three and four, however this series has you begging for more. Elizabeth Loraine brings you into the world of each book with her beautifully descriptive writing style.

Hang on, hold your breath, it's another fabulous ride!

What made you write about this particular subject knowing that vampires are somewhat on the hit list right know, proving to be quite a bit of competition?
I know what you mean about the genre. But I was of course a reader first. And I love this genre, but as a reader I could not find a series that interested me anymore. I was so tired of what seemed to be the same story with different characters told over and over again. The modern teenagers, vampires falling in love with humans. The same kind of modern stories, etc. I wanted to read something different! I longed to know more about the long lived vampire characters. I was much more intrigued by their past. What they had done in their long lives. Who had they met, what made them the way they are today? Events in their past had to have influenced their lives of today. That’s what I wanted to read about. When I couldn’t find it. I decided to take on that challenge. Why I thought I could when I had never written anything in my life before I don’t know.

In what way did you make The Royal Blood Chronicles different from the rest?
It’s a historical look at not only my characters lives, but the change in the world around them and how the vampire race fits into that world. How they weave vampires into every aspect of it in order to protect themselves from those that would harm them. I picked European Royalty, because of the long live aristocracy already in place there. The safety that the vampires would have naturally had by being royal was a natural fit. I also love the romance of it and the regal aspect of it. The change Katrina and her friends would have to go through. From spoiled young girls, who were waited on hand and foot, who led up to that point the life of leisure. The Chronicles follows them from the romantic, frilly dressed girls to confident vampire warrior women. Those that together discover being joined has brought out vampire gifts that some of them never knew they had and the discovery that having purpose in their life for the first time felt powerful in its self.

Do you relate to any of the characters in the books?
Katrina and the girls are like my own children really. I like them all. The vulnerability and budding confidence of Katrina. The shy, but compassionate El, the sophisticated and sarcastic Rosa and the laid back, easy going Letta. With each book their confidence and personalities reveal themselves more and more. Love interests change as they do with most teenagers just tasting those new feelings for the first time. So much is asked of them I can relate to the fact that they feel overwhelmed at times.

Tell us about the book Cain, the quest! How was it like writting it?
Cain the Quest was a little different from the others in that I was telling a story from not only a new characters point of view, but from a male point of view. That took a little getting used to. I also had to create the world he was in, the Underworld kingdoms of Althar and all that entailed. That was fun. I introduce new characters. Demon Kings, creatures and new friends. The protectors are still involved and there are still twists and turns as well some surprises.

Do you read YA books in general and who do you recommend?
I loved Twilight of course and I love Melissa De la Cruz and her Blue Blood Series. I don’t read as many as I used to because I don’t want to be influenced by what I read.

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Thanks to Elizabeth for her time :)
Get your hands on The Royal Blood Chronicles if you havn't already ...Keep an eye out everyone for the review of Cain, The Quest!


  1. Thanksfor the great interview Mia, I look forward to your review of Cain, The Quest and in the middle of writing book five of the chronicles. I would be glad to check back and answer any additional questions your readers may have.

    Elizabeth Loraine

  2. What an awesome interview.

    I love the Royal Blood Chronicles and cannot wait for the next book in the series. Each book always leaves me feeling like I was right there...

  3. I am a great fan of Elizabeth's characters, and plots.

    As a fellow writer, her world building skills
    fascinate me and, as a reader, I find myself impatient for her next book.

    Meet her characters. You won't be disappointed.


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