Cover Alert: Last Breath by Rachel Caine!

Hey everyone!
OMG.I just came across the UK cover for Last Breath by Rchel Caine, the 11th book to the
Morganville series. It's going to be release in November 2011 and I can't wait! They're one of my favourite series and I just had to show everyone this. It's amazing!

The black and green one is the UK cover and I just LOVE it. But the US cover, the white and blue one, I like way better! I seem to prefer US covers of UK covers :)
But thats just what I think...
What do you think?

Oh and look out for Bite club, book 10 of the Morganivlle series to be realesed on May 3rd! Can't wait!


  1. I didn't realise the UK cover had been released :) I like the UK ones better, and I like how they all match, but I do like that all the US ones are slightly different, and different colours etc. :)

  2. who is the model on the uk cover? xx

  3. Personally I prefer the UK covers, I think they all match and they also keep in theme with one another

  4. the uk covers r cooler and more in the theme of the plot i don't really like the us covers, the uk ones seem more like the story then the us ones.
    can't wait for Last breath to come out! :D

  5. I like this UK cover, but I haven't yet read the Morganville Vamp books, so I can't really judge which ones better portray the characters and the feel of the books.

  6. the uk one is always better. i love the books anyways so i will buy the book

  7. Who is on the cover?


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