West of the Moon by Katherine Langrish

West of the Moon
by Katherine Langrish

Pages: 592
Release Date: March 3rd 2011
Publisher: HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks
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An epic and action-packed fantasy adventure that weaves together Norse legends, shadowy creatures and an unforgettable hero. When Peer is orphaned he is taken by his wicked uncles to live at their foreboding mill in the shadow of Troll Fell. Here he meets beautiful and spirited Hilde and after a terrifying encounter with the sinister creatures who live below the fell the pair form an inseparable bond. They are thirsty for adventure, so when a Viking longship docks at their village, they decide to set sail for Vinland -- a mysterious place across the perilous sea. But are the ship's captain and his sword wielding son really honest sailors? What creatures lurk in the shadows and forests of the new land? And will Peer and Hilde ever return? Spanning years and continents and filled with brilliantly imagined characters and creatures, this is gripping, atmospheric fantasy at its best...

My Thoughts:
The first thing you think when you pick of this book is something negative about the cover. Right? But like 'they' say ...Don't judge a book by its cover because this book is sure one hell of a book.

It is very thick so there's so many thrilling events that occur. Action, drama and everything. With trolls, Vikings and yetis. The book is split up into three sections ...all the easier to read.

Peer is a great character. He goes through many struggles and trials with his dog Loki and his new friend Hilde as his only salvation. It's nice to see how Peer and Hilde's relationship grows from friendship to love. It's so obvious they belong together.

I 'm not really much interested in books about Vikings and trolls but here Langrish has created a splendid story world making me want to read more about them. In fact, I want to read more of her books. This one was fab. The others may be too. :)


  1. I actually was intrigued by the cover ^.^ I think it speaks to a less fluffy book where romance is not center stage... since that's what I want... well it's a great cover for me ^.^

    I'm also liking the Norse mythology which isn't done very much~~

  2. Oh that surprises me! I would NEVER have picked this book after taking a peek at the cover but I added it to my to-read list.. :)

  3. I love books which male leads, they're all so exciting :) Sounds pretty action-packed and I think thats romance thrown in the mix! I actually think the cover is quite eye-catching, thanks for the great review defenitely be checking it out!

  4. I'm not typically a Viking/Norse fan unless it involves Eric Northman /snicker :) Neither the title nor the cover do any favors for me to pick this book up but I haven't heard anything bad about it so I might as well give it a shot :)

  5. At first I didn't think this was something I'd be interested in but I think you changed my mind! I may just have to read this one :)

  6. This is the kind of cover that makes me stop, pick up the book and read the first few pages. Great review.

  7. The cover looks creepy and kind of mysterious, it really pulls you in!


  8. Looks like an intriguing book, will have to check it out!


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