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I'm so excited to have Lauren Kate on the blog today! I am a major fan of the Fallen series- Fallen, Torment and Passion. It's about 'Fallen' angels. Romance. Action. Suspence. Just gotta love it.

Oh just read my reviews and you'll simply will be yearning for more...
But if that hasn't convinced you this interview should do the trick as Lauren Kate talks about her inspirations and thoughts including movie star chit chat.
Author Interview- Lauren Kate

What inspired you into writing books particularly about paranormal romance?
I’ve been writing love stories for as long as I’ve been writing. To me, the most complicated romances make the most interesting narratives, so I’m always looking fornew obstacles to throw in my lovers’ paths. When I was getting my masters degree in fiction, I was studying biblical narratives and came across a line in Genesis (6:1-4), which describes a group of angels who fell in love with mortal women. Putting this reference together with a mention in Isaiah and another in Psalm 82, biblical scholarsconclude that these angels were actually cast out of Heaven for their lust. means—you could say—that these angels chose love over Heaven. Isn’t that a great set up for an incredibly complicated romance? I started thinking about what kind of mortal girl it would take to attract an angel’s attention. And what it would be like for her to find herself in this position. What kind of baggage would an angel have? What would her very over-protective parents think? From there, this whole world unfurled in my head with fallen angels, demons, reincarnation, and the war between good and evil all battling
for a piece of the action.

How have you made your books different from other books?
The most compelling thing to me about the Fallen books has to do with the rich history of angelology I drew from to create my own mythology. I spent a long time researching to come up with the world of these fallen angels and I think the story stands out because of all that history flowing through it.
My favorite kinds of stories are the ones with humor and heart that take me on some kind of unexpected journey. I try to write the kinds of books I like to read, so ideally, that would be the way I’d describe my own stories.
Is Fallen, Torment and Passion going to be made into a movie?
The rights have been optioned by Disney and they’re currently working on a final draft of the script. We’re shooting for a release date in 2013.

If you could choose the people played in the movies who would you think would best
suit the role of Daniel, Luce and Cam?
I have never been able to come up with a good Daniel, though I am constantly on the hunt. It’s beginning to feel like my Moby Dick. For Luce, I love Lucy Hale—and for Cam, I love Ed Westwick.

What book are you currently reading?
I’m usually reading several books at once because I like the conversations they have between themselves while sitting around in my mind at the same time. Right now it’s The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall, Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, and an ARC called Harbinger by a new author named Sarah Wilson Etienne, whose book is due out in 2012. So far, all three are wonderful.

A big thank you to Lauren Kate for stopping by! The next stop on the Passion blog tour will be at Daisy Chain Book Reviews so make sure you stop by there tomorrow! Passion will be released in the UK on 23rd June. For a full list of bloggers taking part on the rest of the tour can be found on the PASSION banner on our sidebar :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing today. I really want to read this book.


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