Passion by Lauren Kate

by Lauren Kate

Pages: 432
Release Date: June 16th 2011
Publisher: Doubleday Childrens   
Series: FALLEN
Other books in series: Fallen, Torment, and Rapture
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Before Luce and Daniel met at Sword & Cross, before they fought the Immortals, they had already lived many lives. And so Luce, desperate to unlock the curse that condemns their love, must revisit her past incarnations in order to understand her fate. Each century, each life, holds a different clue. But Daniel is chasing her throughout the centuries before she has a chance to rewrite history. How many deaths can one true love endure? And can Luce and Daniel unlock their past in order to change their future?

My Thoughts
As soon as I received the manuscript through the post, I didn't waste any time in not reading Passion. With that awesome hell of an ending to Torment, I just had to know how the story will know be leading on. And let me just say this, I was not disappointed. :)

Luce makes one of the most important decisions of her life, as she travels through her past lives, searching for something or anything to tell her more about who she is. Each past life was uniquely fascinating and wonderfully complied. I especially loved how Kate introduced chapters with Daniel's point of view too. It was great getting into his head, sharing his thoughts, frustrations and difficulties.

Daniel is following Luce. Each time he fails in reaching her. He talks to his past self hoping, yearning on some news on his beloved. Okay so call me weird but I find this really funny. Sorry but it's like the's talking to himself. Like imagine that :L ....Anyways, Luce, meanwhile sees her past life Daniel. At first she keeps her distance but then her eventually heart wins as she goes upfront him and takes things further.

OMG. Bill. How can I possibly forget Bill? He's a new character introduced and it's just what the book needed. He accompanies Luce on her journeys. But, he can be really annoying at times. Needless to say, I loved his character. He's very funny, sarky and well mysterious.

Kate takes Passion to a entire new lievel, it's very different from Fallen and Torment however, equally awesome nevertheless.  Her writing, style, well everything about this book is really magical. I absolutely loved reading Passion. I cannot wait to read Rapture! :D


  1. I am so excited to read this well as well. I am going to pick it up soon! Great review! It sounds like we get to learn a lot of Daniel and Luce which is awesome.

  2. I'm really excited to read this and learn more about Daniel and Luce!

  3. Still haven't read Torment, but I really want to catch up! Passion sounds great, and I'm intrigued by this Bill person! Thanks for the great review, and glad you enjoyed it :).

  4. I have been following this tour and this series sounds really good. Thank you for the lovely review.

  5. I wasn't too pleased with Torment but I think you've convinced me about Passion! Great review! :)

  6. ahhhhh i loved bill at first he was such a great character to read about then i got a little suspicious then my suspicion was confirmed and he was someone who we would have never though ): i loved the book and i love this review !

  7. I have noticed this series on many blogs! Maybe that is my hint to read it.
    -Carly Waid

  8. I like this series. I am not satisfied with Torment before because I think the story on book 2 is too slow. But you convince me with your review in Passion.

  9. This was an OK book, I didn't really enjoy how alike to Twilight this book was


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