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Discussion time!
The other day I was re-reading Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling for I don't know maybe the hundredth time. I absolutely love Harry Potter seriously, it's like my bestest bestest series ever. Who can't like it come on! What's not to like? It is pure awesomness. No I'm not blabbering. So back to the point,  It got me thinking then how did I start reading Harry Potter?

I've watched all the Harry Potter series so far and so I'm eagerly awaiting the next one. And so that's the thing! After I watched a couple of the films it will only from then on that I started reading Harry Potter. No. Actually. I know exactly when I started reading the books, after the last book in the series was released! How maddening can that get? I just love to be one of those people that are like one of the first to read a book. Naturally, whenever I recieve any ARC's I literally do my own happy dance! So you see, after I read it I was bit down having to be one of those last people on Earth reading Harry Potter. It's not that I never knew about Harry Potter! Nooo, I've always heard about the Harry Potter books but it wasn't something I looked into. How dumb was I then!? I was most definitely missing out on a whole load. It's an ah-mazing series! You just gotta love it.

Then there's Avalon High by Meg Cabot. I love loved this book well not as much as Harry Potter but it's definitely one of my all time favourites. (Review can be found here). I read it like ages ages ago, then you'll guess I would be jumping about with joy when I heard that a movie has been released. I'm not a big fan of Disney produced movies but hey it's Avalon High we're talking about! And so I go to watch it and then I'm there watching it and do you know what? I did not like it one bit. Nada. Glitch. Saying no more!

Back to Harry Potter, I only started reading it after I watched a few of the movies. The movie got me reading it but the book is way better. In Avalon High, I watched the movie because of the book but the movie wasn't up to it's standards.

So now, what is the real question, I mean the real real question? But wait, it cannot be a single question there's so just so many when it comes to this! Are the books always better than the movies? Does a movie lack in anything that the book doesn't? When will you decide to watch a movie before  reading the book or vice versa? And so the list goes on and on...
Actually, I was wrong. The actual most important question of all is...
What do you think?


  1. In general I try to read the book before the film. I like to have an idea of what I think the characters look like before I see another person's thoughts on what they think everything and everyone should look like.

    Sometimes it doesn't work out that way and I'll see the film before the book, which doesn't really bother me, except for that fact I'm now seeing the actors as the characters instead of imagining or getting a feeling of what I think they look like.

    In general, I find the books are better than the film. There's been very few that have lived up to my idea of the book or even surpassed. So few that I can only think of one film right now that lived up to the book for me and that was Deathly Hallows Part 1.

    I keep thinking to the Time Traveller's Wife too, but not because it equaled the book. I liked them both because of the different things within each one. I could still imagine Clare and Henry the way I thought of them, but still really appreciate the way the film was made. The ending in each one had their own merits.

  2. Before watching the movie, I prefer reading the book first. Because I am getting lazy to touch the book when I have seen the motion pictures

  3. I like reading the book first because if i don't like it than i usually won't like the movie either. And if it's a good book,the movie can go both ways.

  4. Yeah, I was also thinking about watching Avalon High, since I read the book before. But after I saw the trailer I really didn't feel like watching it. You know what they say the book is always better than the movie.

  5. personally, i love reading books more than watch movies. but not always, depend on the books..

  6. I watched the Avalon High movie and hated it. It was nothing like the book. They changed so many things, and the ending didn't make sense at all. It was so disappointing.

  7. I'm definitely a book before movie person. In fact if there is a movie that looks good (like I am Number Four) I will go out and buy the book and read it before I will see the movie. I do like movies for the fact they may get people interested in the book, but I feel they leave out way to much information.

  8. There's only one instance where I thought a book's butt got kicked by the movie version. Stephen King's novells, "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption" was an amazing read, but I thought the movie "Shawshank Redemption" was better. Maybe it's Morgan Freeman's voice that did it for me!

  9. I have gone both ways - sometimes I have read a book later made into a movie and sometimes the movie has inspired me to read the book. I read Harry Potter first and Lord of the Rings after the movie. I think that overall the books are generally better in that there is no way to put all there is in a book into the short time allotted for the movie. However, I do have to say that with the Lord of the Ring series I preferred the movies - probably because they were so visually stimulating. Thank you for sharing today.

  10. Odds are I won't read the book, if I've seen the movie first, unless the movie was really good, and I just have to know all the juicy details by reading the book.


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