A Need for Book News (3)

A Need for Book News is a weekly feature I thought of doing displaying recent book related news that have been announed during the week! For previous Book News posts, click here.
Take a look at all the awesome bookish things! :D

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
So this is the UK cover of Bloodlines. As great as it is, I still prefer the US cover, it's so much more captivating and bright. But hey, the UK cover isn't that bad. I so cannot wait to read Bloodlines!
A Beautiful Evil by Kelley Keaton
This cover was released a few days ago and I really like it. It's really dark. The writing at the front goes with the other covers and the angel also makes it look even more mystififying!


Everyone will HAVE to have heard about POTTERMORE by now, right? You'd be mad if you didn't! A few days ago, JK Rowling revealed what POTTERMORE is exactly about. You can find the video at pottermore.com. Also, you can submit your email to get an update when the website will officially open! How frickin awesome! Oh and did I mention you will be able to buy the Harry Potter ebooks? *squeels* :D

Vote for your favourite Harry Potter character
Talking about Harry Potter, don't forget to vote for your favourite harry potter character oveer at the Bloombury website!
'Simply select the character you would like to vote for and click the SUBMIT button. If your favourite character doesn’t appear, then select the OTHER button and type in the name of the character you would like to vote for.
The poll closes on Friday 26th August 2011 and the favourite character will be announced on Tuesday 30th August 2011'
-Bloombury website



Some great news this week! Awesome stuff! Right?


  1. Awesome news! I've heard of Pottermore all over twitter but I didn't actually know what it was.

  2. The cover for "A Beautiful Evil" reminds me of the Doctor Who episode with the creepy statues. *Shudder*


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